Monday, April 21, 2003

The Difficult Task

A have been slightly busy since my last entry, so I have the difficult task of making this entry as short as possible. I will try to do it using list format.

Good Friday - Woke up didn't do much stuff until the afternoon, when I went to the movies to see Phone Booth and A Man Apart. I enjoyed both movies though the endings were kind of weak. After the movies I began my search for bike parts and I also bought some blank cd's. Finally, went home and watched television.

Great Saturday - Ran some bike part gathering errands in the morning before going to Maudsley with Nissa and Ryan. I rode my bike while they jogged, it was the final bike ride with my old school handlebars. Upon returning home I began the task of installing a new brake system, grip shifters, handlebars and bar ends. Five hours later I was grip shifting and stopping without trouble. It was a great learning experience. I picked Nissa up and we headed to Ryan's, the staging area for the expedition to Portsmouth. Once in Portsmouth about twelve of us ate dinner at the Friendly Toast. It was everything I thought it would be and more. We then went to Bull Moose and finally returned back to Ryan's house to hang out for a little while.

Easter Sunday - After celebrating the resurrection of JC, which pretty much included me eating some chocolate easter eggs I joined my family outside. I had to do some fine tuning on the bike, but once that was all set I played some basketball. My mom then suggested I was my car so for the next two to three hours I worked on "My Precious". It was the first hand wash and wax. It looks like new :o) I then went to the beach for a little stroll and saw some seals and an out of place beaver. He was definitely lost, the park ranger was going to take care of him. Britt called me and asked if I wanted to join an apartment party at Ryan's so I went over there at eight. Britt, Ry, Nissa and I had some good times with karaoke, food, and more work on my giant collage. Finally got home at 12:30.

Overall a great weekend. I am so glad to have accomplished some of the things I wanted to do, I think the only thing I didn't finish was the documenting of the ski movie. I'll save that for a rainy day.

Late Breaking News I just happened to go online yesterday and Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds are going to be playing one more show at UMass on May 5th. It is like a nice second chance for me, since I missed out on the CT and RI concerts. Nissa is going to help me out if I can't get tickets from the Warehouse. If I get tickets it is going to be amazing.

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