Wednesday, April 2, 2003

Not Toasted! Not Toasted!

So I just got back from an errand and just had to share a little story from my brief expedition. I walked into Finagle A Bagel and stood in line. I scan the line looking for any cute girls and my eyes find one. A quick glance at her left hand shows she is taken, but she is the best looking girl in the place so I watch as she orders and that is when I knew something interesting was bound to happen. As she places the order she carefully instructs the cashier on how she wants her bagel. I immediately thought HMB (high maitenance bitch), I had an inkling when I first saw her, because of the tailored suit and bitchy facial expressions, but her ordering confirmed my suspicions. It was now my turn to order and I had to forget about the girl for a second. Once my order was placed and the bagel was sent down the conveyor belt I headed towards the pick up area and there she was right up against the counter watching her bagel being put toghther. I positioned myself in the perfect place to watch and hear what was about to go down.
Here is the dialogue:
HMB: That's not toasted right.
FAB1: Not toasted.
HMB: Not toasted.
FAB1: Not toasted.
FAB2: Not toasted.
HMB reaches over the counter and grabs the wrapped bagel.
HMB: How come its warm?
FAB1: Not toasted.
HMB: But its warm.
FAB Supervisor: Its not toasted.
HMB: Then how come its warm?
FAB Supervisor: It just came out of the oven.
HMB: Do you have any that aren't warm?
FAB Supervisor yells back to cashier to check for a cooler bagel.
FAB Supervisor: They are all warm.
HMB: Well I don't like melted cream cheese. Can you cut one and give me the cream cheese on the side.
FAB Supervisor: Okay.

That's right the cutie didn't want her cream cheese to be melted. That is what this was all about. It was annoying how she kept saying to the workers, "Not toasted.", because she assumed they didn't speak english very well. I am willing to bet that working at a bagel place you eventually learn what "toasted" even if you didn't speak a word of english. I feel bad that somewhere out there is a guy who is planning on putting up with that crap for the rest of his life. Maybe I will put up a message in the second chances, and if I get a response get to the bottom of her dislike for melted cream cheese.

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