Tuesday, April 1, 2003

No More Commute

I got home last night and an email from John and he was talking about how there was a problem with work, because some database was having issues. So I thought about it a little bit and the bottom line was that instead of blaming an FA for the problem they were trying to place the blame on my program. How fucking stupid is that? First of all if the FA's weren't so busy surfing the web they could verify the numbers on the five reports they print out each day. Second if we were actually provided with specifications for how the applications should work, we couldn't be held accountable. The more I thought about it the more it aggravated me and just how lame State Street is. So I have decided to quit. I am finished, it has just gone too far. The people here don't appreciate what we do for them and if something goes wrong who do they go to for the blame or the solution. US. I only wish we all quit at the same time, so they would be up shit creek without a paddle. I tried to think about what I would miss and aside from the few friends I have from here everybody else is just fake and stupid. I am sure that after I turn my back a ton of shit gets said about me.

So thats it I'm done. Anybody know of any good jobs or web sites where I can find one?

Over and out.

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