Tuesday, April 29, 2003

I Love the Taste of Summer

I have to say yesterday was a delightful day. Work was work, though it was interesting carrying my Jay-Bo pizza all over the place while Scott and Suha decided on the what and where for lunch. We stopped in front of Viga where they were giving out free samples, I didn't get one since I had a box of pizza in my hands, but everybody was stopping to grab a small slice. Two guys in all there excitement completely made fools of themselves. The first guy started to eat his pizza and all of his motor skills focused on the slice instead of the open can of coke he was holding and he spilled soda all over his shirt and tie, it was a riot. The second guy was walking with his girlfriend and they both grabbed a piece, though she looked like she was having second thoughts about it, anyway he got a spot of sauce on his chin, but for some reason she didn't tell him and they walked away arguing about something, while I laughed my ass off. After the Viga incidents we went to PO Square and battled for a seat, they have about 15 tables out there with 20 chairs, which doesn't bode well for a party of three.

I made it home around 5:30 last night and went right to the beach to rollerblade. I hadn't been skating in a while, but it turns out it is just like riding a bicycle, in that you just remember. It was sooo nice, but they do need to sweep the sidewalks at times there was so much sand it felt like I was actually skating on the beach. I couldn't believe all of the pimped out cars and skanky looking girls who were down there yesterday, I wonder if they get sick of the Hampton Beach thing by mid-July. It was nice to see some bikini clad girls though, not like I would talk to them or anything.

Time to get to work. Going to see the BoSox tonight with Britt and Vanessa, which will mos def be a good time.

We were walking
Just the other day
It was so hot outside
You could fry an egg

-David John Matthews

Lyrics and Audio of Stay (Wastin' Time)

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