Sunday, April 27, 2003

Final skiing weekend?

I had a pretty busy long weekend, lets start with Friday. Woke up ran to Wal-mart to buy a blank tshirt for computer tshirt creation. After that I headed up to UNH to pick Emily up for a nice lunch at TGI Friday's. I got the sizzling cheese chicken dish, you know from the commercial. It was pretty decent. Afterwards I stopped by home and then drove in to Boston to drop off the tshirt and transfer sheet for John. Yeah I know it sounds crazy but I finally got a chance to drive in the Liberty Tunnel and over the Zakim Bridge. The bridge was much cooler when I walked on it last May. Upon returning home my parents were going to dinner so I joined them.

Saturday, I did absolutely nothing until around noon when I went to the gym, 3 times in five days, getting back into it. Went back home and practiced the guitar before heading up to Sunday River for some skiing. Suds was dead, it is such a different town this time of year. It was cool to hang out there one last time, it is weird how much has changed since my first trip to Suds last September. I am sure things will change a bunch before the next ski season starts.

Today was the last weekend day of skiing at Sunday River. I got up there around eleven. The skiing was spring skiing to put it bluntly. It was tough on the legs, but a ton of fun, because the weather was so nice. We skiied every open trail, there were only 18 open trails, which really means six runs from top to bottom. I hit the big jump in the very sad terrain park, I can't wait for next season, the year of Tele and Phat Air. After a couple of hours it was time to call it a season and I headed home with all of my gear. I didn't know I had that much stuff. So now I am unpacking and rearranging my room. Good times.

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