Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Long work day calls for a long lunch

I just got back to lunch and figured why not post an entry since it was somewhat eventful, or eventful for my boring life. First Scottie and I went down to PO Square for some people watching. I don't know where they store the girls in the winter, but they have definitely come out of storage. One peep peeping highlight was the girl on the cell phone trying to find her friend. I find it amusing when people do this, especially at concerts, they are always talking and looking around trying to give landmarks which just ends up confusing the person. Eventually her friend showed up and we realized it would have been a fun game to try and figure out who she would have been. The next person worth mentioning was the girl with light colored pants who decided to sit on the grass and show everybody her underwear. Attention girls if you where hip hugger pants be aware that sitting down could result in an underwear display. Finally at PO Square, the little blonde haired girl from the train came and sat right next to us. Of course I didn't talk to her, but it had been a while since I had seen her and she looked great as always.

Scottie then headed back to work but I stayed out and went to the common for a nap. First I laid in the grass with the constant fear of wet spots on my shirt and pants. I laid there for a good half hour before tons of flies were hovering around me and I knew it was time to find a new resting spot. I then found a granite bench and continued my napping, until a bunch of birds surrounded me and I figured before any other animals decided to surround me I should get some Jay-Bo and go back to work. So here I am.

I love this weather.

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