Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Quick One

Last night I went to the BoSox game with Britt and Vanessa. It was great we were relatively close and within range of several foul balls. The batters just can't hit a Tim Wakefield knuckleball into fair territory as well as they hit it into foul territory. I felt lucky that I was able to see another baseball rarity, the errorless in-the-park homerun, I get to add it to the list which also includes a no-hitter. Of course there were tons of amusing people at the game, but if I were to list them all most of you would get tired of reading. Highlights would have to be the girl with the thong ornament, the Sweet Caroline cheerleader and the girl with body piercings all over her face and a cape. I hope to have some pictures very soon, since we brought the good ol' spycam.

Today I saw some interesting people in the city. The first guy was at the State Street T stop, he was sitting on a bench with a boombox which was playing music. At first I thought okay so he is playing music and thinks people are going to give him money. Then he started singing along to the music, and it wasn't a karaoke machine, he was singing along. Here I go giving him money. The next thing was at Downtown Crossing, where the Boston Metro and Boston Globe workers were yelling across the square at each other. The Globe girl was saying how her paper was better and how she works harder than he does. The she proceeded to try and yell to sell the paper, but she wasn't yelling headlines, but instead trying to make up clever slogans. I would definitely read over the headlines and then repeat them out loud, just like they used to do.

Gotta work hard now, ttyl.

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