Thursday, April 3, 2003

The Movement Begins

Its official the Night Out movement began last night. While BoCaNO was learning sign language at "Miracle of Science" in Cambridge, a small group of "collage girls" was gathered across the Charles in Boston at the Rock Bottom Brewery. They call themselves ECNUNO, Emerson College Northeastern University Night Out. Think of it as BoCaNO: The college years. I don't have details on what went on exactly, but I understand it was modeled after BoCaNO. I originally asked them if they could move it to a different night so I can go, but now I think it should stay on Wednesday and remain separate from BoCaNO, which will make it much more interesting when we have a joint BoNUECCaNO. I can't wait to see the two groups together, it will be so CLASSIC!! So best wishes to ECNUNO. Also to the Boc's check out my friends link and read a little bit about the ECNUNO. Just do it, I know ou are skeptical but give it a shot.

BoCaNO was a good time last night, I felt like I was really on a roll, from the french laugh to the discussion about porn in Amy's office. We practiced sign language throughout the night and I now know the entire alphabet, though I still am not sure what "Q" is. Sorry Natasha I don't think it is the bunny rabbit ears. I left at around nine because I knew it would take me forever to get home and it did. Upon getting home I foolishly started up my computer and as soon as IM came up I was hooked and ended up chatting for an hour or so. Sleep always loses over chatting. I wasn't able to work on my brother's project so now I have to get cracking. I almost forgot, I was watching Letterman last night and the guest was Helen Hunt and she told a story about her and her boyfriend. So I think that is proof enough that she is not a lesbian, since she has a boyfriend.

So what are the dates for the road trip? I have to be in Columbus, OH on June 17 for DMB.

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