Thursday, April 17, 2003

Scuzzy Guys

Howdy, y'all!! Yes I am still sick for all of you readers who I am sure are concerned about my health. It doesn't seem to be getting better either. I did go to BoCaNO last night, which was a good time even though I didn't really eat anything. We went to Fajita's and 'ritas, which is cool because of the paper tablecloths or maybe it is just tablepapers. You can see some pictures above the big one is the general tablepaper from yesterday and you can click on the thumbnails to zoom in on the smaller sections. We started with a discussion about work and whether or not I should move to Seattle to work, because I was considering that well at least I was yesterday afternoon. The conversation then moved on to good old JC. Not many of us are very religious and were looking for some Easter questions from the more religious in the group, ie. so how was JC locked in the cave, who the hell is Mary Magdalene(sp?) and is the bible out on video yet? Most questions were left unanswered, because apparently we don't really have a clue about religion. Moving on from god we talked about ghosts, and how some people while not believers in god believe in ghosts, which I find interesting. I try to cover all bases and don't believe in either.

The conversation then took a turn towards online dating and 8 Minute Dating. You will never guess who brought this up O:-) I was talking about the 8 minute dating thing and Danica made a comment about it is probably only sketchy people that would do that, the funny thing was she said it after I mentioned I was considering it. It was pretty funny. Anyway, we also talked about an idea Mark and I came up with to have 8 Minute Dating, Mic'd Up Picture this, sending me into 8 Minute Dating with a microphone recording the conversations from the eight dates. I think it would be a riot to just hear how stupid I would sound. I am sure while listening I would get a lot of "Who Says That!" and "Why did you ask that question?". After talking about online dating I made a comment about how I give up and how I am just going to remain single forever, it is just a lot easier. Danica and Kate proceeded to draw out my less than interesting life if I in fact I do give up on children, they drew out each step on the tablepaper. After eating we headed to the 21st Amendment, some of us went against our wills, but trudged up Beacon Hill anyway. Upon getting there, the crowd inside was to hip and it almost seemed like a gathering which we weren't invited to. I know I didn't fit in with my LL Bean jacket and bag. So we headed home and another BoCaNO came to an end.

Check out the links for some great skiing pictures, I just found online. Sorry Kate, have to look out for the readers.
Keeg Early Season Picture
Keeg Late Season Picture

Kate Skiing

Easter eggs, Easter eggs
Hidden all around.
Come my children look about
And see where they are found
Easter eggs, Easter eggs
They're a sight to see.
One for Tom and one for Ann
And a special one for me!

Easter Eggs (Tune: Jingle Bells)

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