Wednesday, April 9, 2003


So its been a rather stressful couple of days for me, but it was for no apparent reason. Yesterday I woke up at 5:30 and decided to go to work late and fell asleep for another hour. Upon waking up I decided to watch "The West Wing" from last week. I began getting stressed because I was worried about getting to Malden before 9. I did and then took my time getting to work.

We went to Chicken Heaven for lunch and I can't say I'd recommend the place. I was sketched out about the place to begin with and the menu was different but I decided on a "Slice, dice and rice" dish. I ordered and then followed the line towards the cash register. I knew something was up when people on either side of me got there food, but I didn't have mine. I got to the register and the guy was like, what did you get, so I told him and he asked me where it was. I said, "I don't know, I was hoping you could tell me." So a giant scene ensued while he went to put together my plate for me. He finally gave me my chicken and said, "That will be 4.83." So I handed the guy $10 and he gave me back four ones and change and I had to ask why I was getting less than five dollars back and he showed me the receipt. I got back to my seat, where the fun continued. The table was rickety and everytime somebody came in the store a blast of cold air hit me so I had to wear my jacket. Never going back there, I am stickin with Jay-Bo.

I got home and my brother needed help with computer stuff, which pretty much took up my entire night. This morning I accidentally overslept and I had to forgo a shower, so I could get to the good parking lot. I headed to Malden, but not only was I late, but I needed to get gas and get money for the parking. So I was running late and needed to run errands, ahhhhh so frustrating. I got to the parking lot with tons of time to spare, goddamnit why did I get so freaked.

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