Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Asi asi

It appears that today is going to be a great day so I actually wore a short sleeved shirt and no jacket in anticipation of some warm weather. I was going to bring a lunch but alas we did not have ziploc bags or brown paper bags so I guess I will have to get Jay-Bo damn. Yesterday was an okay day, the highlight would have to be lunch with Britt and Vanessa, which was followed by a walk through the park and some Ben & Jerry's. Work was okay, I ended up working over ten hours, because I was so involved in my current project. The bad part about yesterday was the fact that I felt sicker and sicker throughout the day, I feel a little better this morning, but you always feel better in the morning. Last night I watched Jackass: The Movie with the group commentary turned on, it was so funny to hear the guys reliving each of the scenes. Bam is hilarious, the best of the cast, well next to Brandon DiCamillo, who is the funniest guy ever. After the movie I chatted online a bit with some friends old and new, but then got to bed early for some much needed rest.

Now to Dave for some words of wisdom.

Dying doesn't seem too bad
Being left behind seems the troubled path

-David John Matthews
Lyrics to Dressed In Black

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