Tuesday, December 31, 2002

Oh My, Good Times at the CKY Party

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I think the above picture of Becky says it all. It was a ton of fun watching the CKY movies last night, we ended up getting through CKY, CKY2K and CKY3. I got home around 7:15 and the pizza had been delivered and nobody had arrived yet. It gave me the chance to pack for the big ski week and change to get ready for everybody. People started arriving at 7:45 and had some pizza and chatted until the movie began at 8. The seating was tight, but everybody seemed to be reasonably comfortable except I did notice Ryan having issues while leaning against the ottoman and trying to laugh at the same time. Seeing the movies on DVD on the 34" tv, was completely different from watching the grainy .mpg on my laptop. It was great to have everybody over, I am also very thankful to my mom and stepfather for putting up with our rowdiness, you guys are the best.

Once we finished the three movies, I did decide we were a bit loud for the house at that point and said we should move the party to a more late night appropriate setting as in Britt's house. We all made our way over there and watched the final installment of the box set, the CKY Documentary. I had never seen it before and it was hilarious. The skit about how to break into a house was so funny. After the DVD was finished, there was an extra treat involved because we got to watch a video, Ryan, Britt, Nissa and Becky made for school. It was hilarious almost as funny as the CKY videos themselves. My favorite would have to be the Cribs for Captain Ahab, it was tres funny. You guys need to release that on DVD and I definitely think there is a need to create more videos like that this summer. At 1AM everybody headed home, we were all quite tired, especially since most of us had been there the night before until 2AM. I hope everybody had a great time, I know I did. So when is the LiveJournal party going to be happening :o)Have a great New Year's Eve everybody.

The mileage contest ends tonight, the odometer currently reads about 6060 miles, the ending mileage should be around 6220 by midnight, so it looks like Sarah is going to be the big winner. I do want to thank everybody for entering and keep an eye out for another contest very soon.

Back row (R to L): Ryan, Emily, Nissa
Middle row (R to L): Keegan, Jacq, Alex, Britt, Kim
Down in front: The One and Only Becky

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