Thursday, December 5, 2002

Only 8 hours to go

In eight hours my long skiing weekend will begin, yeah!! Alright so BoCaNo last night was fun, first time in a couple weeks, plus my first time seeing Kate in what seemed like forever. We went to Whiskey's and had quite the discusssion about bathrooms and going to the bathroom. I learned some rather interesting tidbits and also filled the women(not girls) in on the newspapers which sometimes appear over the urinals in the mens room. The women had no idea, this occurred, I said that in most of them there are actually glass cases for the newspapers. The whole bathroom discussion lasted forever and was kind of unsettling. I did however enjoy it more than the discussion about the biggest age difference you've had in a relationship, I get it already, I will not date anymore teenagers, can't we just move on. Anyway it was a good time and the food wasn't half bad, though the first cider I had was kind of sketchy and looked liked they might not have washed out all of the soap.

Snow update: It looks like they are predicting more snow today, it will start this afternoon and continue until tomorrow morning. Southern MA will get 6-8, Boston area will get 4-6 and north of the city will get 2-4.

Here are the official contest entries:
Wendy - 2800
Suha - 3750
Britt - 3785
Chris - 3920
Carol - 3972
Jeff - 3976
Dale - 4134
Amy - 4387
John C - 4459
Elio - 4519
Carrie - 4575
Anonymous Complainer - 4576
E - 4577
Scott - 4580
Brendan - 4850
Heather - 4916
Erin - 5000
Dad - 5300
Mr. Poo - 5500
Tasha - 5673
Sarah - 6000
Travis - 6432
Have a good weekend!!

Dave Matthews Band Lyrics of the Day
Song title: #34
Oh, my head lay back on the seating
Been so tired, throw away my surrounding
Like the sun and moon take for granted
Soon we move through the flood and we fade away

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