Friday, December 27, 2002

Nice Short Week

Beware of Falling Ice!!!
Funny story from yesterday, Oscar and I were going to get some lunch at Quincy Market and on the walk there, we almost got nailed by falling snow from the skyscraper high above us. The rest of the walk we were constantly looking up to avoid getting bonked on the head. We made it safely to Zuma a mexican restaurant. While eating our lunch I glanced over to my right and saw something moving on the floor. It was a mouse, now I personally don't care, but most people would probably freak at that point. He started to get close, so I stomped my foot to scare him away, he backed off and then reappeared across the room about five minutes later. We never said anything to the waiter and left the restaurant after we finished. Now for the funny part, we were walking outside back to work minding our own business and heard a loud crashing noise. Some ice had fallen off the roof of a building and just missed a guy who was going inside. Oscar saw this and burst out laughing at the top of his lungs. Everybody who had been looking at the ice, was now looking at us because of the laughter. Oscar then yells out to the guy, "You almost got killed," and continued his eruption of laughter. The laughing continued until we were a few blocks away, when once again we turned our attention upwards to avoid getting hit ourselves.

Major mobile phone issues yesterday for me, first my battery died and I had to buy a charger at Radio Shack, once I got to my car, I was able to get it back online and once again be accessible to the masses of people who call me everyday. The next issue came when I was in Hanover, I received a phone call and the signal was so bad in the area, my call was dropped three times. I then had to make another call and I was on analog roam, what is the deal with Hanover, they need to get the mobile phone thing straightened out. On my way home, I did notice a cell tower right next to the mall, maybe it is just Sprint who needs to get there act together. Anyway, went to dinner at Pizzeria Uno and then saw Two Weeks Notice, the new Sandra Bullock movie. It was pretty funny, and I must say Hugh Grant is great at playing arrogant roles. Sandra was hilarious as usual and her character was just so quirky, intelligent, but quirky. Definitely check it out!!

Anyway I am tired, but looking forward to heading up north for the weekend. 100+ trails this weekend at Sunday River.

Per request of Britt I will be cutting back on the lyrics section. I shall now only provide one line or just a significant quote.

Dave Matthews Quote
Oh, my head lay back on the seating
Been so tired, throw away my surrounding

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