Wednesday, December 4, 2002

The Contest

Okay, I have decided that today is the last day to enter the mileage contest. For those of you who missed the contest the rules are simple. The person to guess the miles on my odometer on December 31, 2002 at 11:59:59 PM will win a 20 dollar gift certificate to a restaurant to be named later. I am using Price is Right rules, so it is closest guess without going over. My current mileage is 2974. Now if you have already entered you may change your guess all edits and new guesses must be emailed to me by midnight tonight at or posted to the journal.
The current guesses are:
Wendy - 2800
Anonymous Complainer - 3676
Chris - 3920
Carol - 3972
Jeff - 3976
Dale - 4134
Amy - 4387
John C - 4459
Elio - 4519
Carrie - 4575
Brendan - 4850
Heather - 4916
Erin - 5000
Dad - 5300
Sarah - 6000
Travis - 6432
So be sure to change your entry if you need to.

My commuting saga has now become a trilogy after this mornings commute. Now I know this is probably boring, but well I don't care. I was getting dressed this morning and my Mom started yelling in a child's voice, "Uh oh, uh oh." So I went into her room and saw a big flashing arrow on the television over the Newburyport/Rockport Commuter Rail Line, there was a delay. I sighed and began plotting my backup plan and knew I would be braving the traffic of Route One again. The worst part about it is that I could have slept later if I had known, which certainly would have come in handy since I went to bed at one :o) Anyway I began the drive and it turned out that people learned from yesterday and have once again remembered how to commute, unfortunately the MBTA was determined to make me late. I arrived at Malden Center station and began waiting for the subway when an announcement came over the PA system, "Due to a disabled train at Sullivan Square there are delays." I sighed once again and considered my options, luckily I had a Haverhill Commuter Rail line schedule in my bag. I checked it and realized a train would be along in five minutes, so I went over to the commuter rail platform, as my luck would have it, as soon as I got there the subway train pulled into the station, but just sat there. Eventually it left and my train arrived, I got into Boston at about the same time I would on my typical train. I then began the long cold walk to work. Just when I thought I beat the MBTA, I recognized a woman that had been waiting for the subway in Malden, she took the subway and beat me to Downtown Crossing. I just can't win, though it turns out the Newburyport train was thirty minutes late, so I guess I did end up ahead of schedule.

Cambridge Star Sighting
Scott and some friends were at a Cambridge bar a couple weekends ago and saw one of the Boston area's most elusive celebrities, Natalie Portman. Apparently she is much shorter than she appears on film. I have heard a lot of stories about meeting famous people and the general consensus is that in person the women tend to be shorter and the men tend to be taller, just a crazy observation I have made. Well, Jimmy went up and talked to her. Now I can't even go up and talked to regular girls, so my hat is off to him. Below is the dialogue that took place:

Jimmy:  "Has anyone every told you that you look like Queen Amadala?"
Natalie:  "Umm...yeah."
Jimmy:  "Are you," (Pause for effect) "Queen Amadala?"
Natalie:  "Yeah."

Immediately following this conversation she left, but whether it is because of what he said or not we will never know.

Link of the Day
Here is another old link, which really reminds me of kids from Amesbury, and how obsessed some kids can be with "pimping" out there cars. It all seems like a waste of money to me, but then again, I have never really been considered a cool kid. Stuntaz

Keegan's Weather
Continued cold today, but once again less windy.
The storm tomorrow will probably act just like the storm last Wednesday, it will start in the late morning and mostly hit southern New England with 3-5 inches, of course there will be some snow North of the city, but it shouldn't be more than an inch.
After this storm it looks like it will be warming up, sunny and 40's for the weekend, get your beach stuff ready.

Dave Matthews Band Lyrics of the Day
Song title: Lie In Our Graves
When I step into the light
My arms are open wide
When I step into the light
My eyes searching wildly
Would you not like to be
Sitting on top of the world with
Your legs hanging free

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