Monday, December 30, 2002

Scruples of Fun

It was an exhausting weekend, but it was a ton of fun. Headed to Maine on Friday night after work with Amy. Did the Suds thing and then headed home. Skiied on Saturday and then afterwards we went to Saturday's Cantina, which was awful. Sunday was more of the same, with some skiing, I kind of took it easy this weekend, not much jumping at all. I just have to save up my energy for the five day skiing marathon coming up this week. I can't even imagine how tired I will be on Saturday night, I was in bed by 9:30 this past weekend after only one day of skiing, after four, I will probably go to bed at like 4:00. Overall the conditions were exceptional, with a ton of snow and finally some bumps are appearing all over the mountain except at 3-D.

We came back on Sunday night, upon returning home I did some laundry and made a few phone calls. I also put some new strings on my guitar, I had to since I busted a string last week. I wasn't able to practice though since I got to open some more Christmas presents from my aunt and then headed over to her house to hang out with Britt and company. When I got there they were all watching Donnie Darko View Trailer. I wasn't able to watch much of it because I got a phone call, but what I did see was very very strange. After the movie we played some games, starting with Scruples, which while I started off well, did not win the game. Next we played Loaded Questions, which was another fun game. Both games require you to know the other players, but I still did okay despite having met Dan and Jordan, that night. We played until 2AM, it was definitely good times. I do think a certain someone should have taken my $10 offer, it was a totally win/win situation, you would have been more comfortable and made an easy ten bucks. Hopefully many of them will be showing up tonight at the CKY party at my house. If any of you are reading this, it will start at seven, I may be showing up a little later, but start the show without me, I should only be about fifteen or twenty minutes late.

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