Thursday, December 26, 2002

364 Shopping Days 'til Christmas

A ton of stuff has happened since my last entry, but I will only give the summary. I got out of work on Christmas Eve and went to my Dad's to give him his card. Got a call while there and ended up at a Christmas party. Good times at the party, I witnessed the largest Yankee Swap I think I have ever seen, with 39 gifts involved. It made me wonder why they call it a "Yankee" Swap, I tried to find something this morning on Google but I didn't have any luck, so if somebody knows or has something witty to say, post a comment. After the party I went over to Britt's to exchange presents. I got a cool rock with eyes(well I actually busted one of them off) and a Mad About You mug from Nissa :o). I went home and got a couple of hours of sleep.

On Christmas morning, I woke up and drove to Sunday River, I had to get off at Exit 3 because of an accident and took back roads from there, I actually got there in 2 hours and 10 minutes. The skiing was unbelievable, I basically skied every open trail and really enjoyed the empty groomed mountain. It didn't start snowing up there until about 1:30, I decided to go home at 3:00. The drive was okay for the first 45 minutes, but then the trouble began, near white out conditions and the roads were a disaster. It only got worse, the Maine Turnpike was very bad and now it was dark. I saw about five cars off the road, three of them were Jetta's, a bad omen.

I did make it home three and a half hours later and went back to Britt's. Becky and Jacq were over there and then Becky had to bring her car home, so I volunteered to give her a ride back. Team work time, we all cleaned off her car. Then she proceeded to get stuck at the end of Greenwood Street and we all helped push her out into the road. After this brief adventure, I went home to have dinner with my family. Opened presents and all that fun stuff and went to bed an exhausted little pup pup.

I woke up this morning and decided to shovel the front walk, because I actually enjoy shoveling. I would like to own my own house just so I can have a driveway to shovel. After shoveling I shaved for the first time since the chin abrasion, and it doesn't look too bad, I can't believe how quickly it healed. I stopped by the Andyman this morning to make sure Becky made it to work okay. I walked in and said "Gimme a plain bagel." Haha. They have one of those lame ass community tip jars there, what is to inspire a worker to work hard if they have to share there tip with everybody else. Well anyway, in honor of her only having two days left I took a picture with the spycam.

Dave Matthews Band Lyrics of the Day
Song title: Satellite
Satellite in my eyes
Like a diamond in the sky
How I wonder.
Satellite strung from the moon
And the world your balloon
Peeping tom for the mother station

Winter's cold spring erases
And the calm away by the storm is chasing
Everything good needs replacing
Look up, look down all around, hey satellite

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