Monday, December 2, 2002

Got a case of the Mooooondays!

Well it is back to work today for a bunch of people after a long weekend and apparently people have forgotten how to commute. The train ride this morning was unbearabale, it was freezing, I think they had the air conditioning on or maybe in one of the back cars they were transporting meat because it was as cold as a meat locker. The people on the train were also very irritating, there weren't any seats left so people were just standing in the aisles with a confused look on their faces. Hello people there aren't anymore seats left, and yes you are going to have to stand, remember this sometimes happened before Thanksgiving. Once we tardily arrived at North Station the progression out of the station was slower than ever and this continued out onto Causeway Street. Finally, the crowd broke up only to reveal Canal Street and all of its messed up traffic. I feel bad for anybody stuck on Canal Street behind the shuttle buses, beer trucks and cabs, god forbid there be a fire, because the fire trucks would never be able to get down the street.

Onto the thrilling drama that is my life. I went skiing this weekend up at Sunday River and it was great, but a little cold yesterday.

The snow wasn't the best, but if you ski on the sides and almost in the woods there was plenty of powder to be had. I did accomplish the goal I had set for the weekend, which was to successfully land the elusive (well elusive for me I know for expert skiers like Oscar they are quite easy) helicopter AKA 360 or spin all the way around. So on my first attempt I crashed and burned, apparently Travis said I chickened out and didn't even make it a quarter of the way around. The next time I got all the way around and landed with my tails crossed and fell and bruised my thumb. Finally on the third try I landed it. For the day I ended up trying eight times and landed four, which will hopefully improve over the course of the winter. I also did my first grinds in the terrain park, of course I fell a couple times on the rail and one of those times impaled myself with my radio, but no pain, no gain. Next week, I will be up there for four days and plan on practicing on some larger jumps.

There was an incident at Sunday River this weekend, I only wish I had a video camera to tape it. Okay Travis and I were sitting in the lodge and this guy came up to us and asked if the skis behind us were ours, and since we follow the rules and leave our skis outside we said, "No."
He proceeded to ask the guys next to us and they said,"Yes."
Security guy: Well you are going to have to take the skis outside.
Rule breaker#1: We are almost done here.
Security guy: No you have to take them out now.
Rule breaker#1: I will in a minute.
Security guy: Okay I have asked you and you have refused if you don't take your skis outside now I am going to have to remove you from the premises.
Rule breaker#1: Why can't they be in here?
Security guy: Listen either take the skis outside or leave.
Rule breaker#1: Okay fine.
Rule breaker#1 takes the skis and the security guy leaves.
Rule breaker#1: I put them out on the deck, I don't see what the big deal is.
Rule breaker#2: I don't know.

Now through all of this I am just thinking, well there are certain rules you need to follow, so just follow them. My guess is they probably don't allow skis in the lodge because either people will get smacked all the time or perhaps they will take up too much space. Bottom line: Follow the rules, they are probably there for good reason.

Weather Report
Today - Mostly cloudy and cold with some light snow this afternoon and into the evening. Highs should be in the 30's, snow accumulation tonight maybe up to an inch in some areass.
Tommorow - Cold again and windy highs in the low 30's, so dress warmly.

Dave Matthews Band Lyrics of the day
Song title: Ants Marching
Driving along this highway
All these cars and upon the sidewalk
People in every direction
No words exchanged,
No time to exchange when...
All the little ants are marching
Red and black antennae waving
They all do it the same
They all do it the same way, yeah

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