Thursday, December 12, 2002

Chronicles of Rendezvous Casualties

Something new today! Below is a dating story written by Amy, hopefully she will be providing more stories like this one in the future. Enjoy!!

"Chronicles of Rendezvous Casualties"

While it seems of late, I attract men with enough baggage they need their own bellman, I thought my first story should be a classic.

Picture yourself a 16 year old with an 19 year old boyfriend, you are driving home after church with your mom when she decides to ask if you and your boyfriend are having sex. Somehow "yes" comes out of your mouth and you get the feeling you need to immediately jump out of the moving car.

I can 11 years later still mark the exact spot on the road where this question was asked. Much to my surprise my mother was like "okay, are you safe?, and I will make an appointment for you tomorrow with an ob/gyn and get you on the pill". Followed by a "don't worry I will tell your dad and he will understand." I think an "ok" was uttered and then a state of shock took over. Later that day, I tell my boyfriend that my parents now know about our mattress dancing. A couple of weeks go by, I have my appointment, go on the pill and my boyfriend comes to pick me up at my house for a date. The first time since, my parents found out. However, it is not as simple as knocking on the door and us leaving. The boyfriend attempts to pay my dad for the pill prescription stating that its his responsibility by giving my dad a check, my dad argues no its his and this continues on for about 10 minutes. Meanwhile, the thought of running out the back door into the woods and never returning flashes through my mind. I couldn't even interject anything rational into the conversation, I sat dumbfounded in the living room while this was happening in the foyer. My mother decides to join the conversation and that it was their responsibility really and we should just enjoy - or something to that affect. Now I am thinking Australia might not be far enough away. Finally, my parents win, the boyfriend puts away the check and off I go to my date. Needless to say, a few years later my parents also started to pick up an pay for my brother's condoms when they would pick up my pills at the pharmacy. As for the boyfriend, we broke up when college came along.

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