Wednesday, December 11, 2002

Late great update

Okay I have to add these before I head out for BoCaNo tonight. First, at lunch today we had free sandwiches and if you saw my posting from last month, you know it can be quite a feeding frenzy, just the mention of free food brings everybody out from the woodworking. Here is the view of the table after the sandwiches were unveiled.

Did somebody say free food?

Second, I went to Au Bon Pain with Mr. Poo and we saw the weirdest thing. A woman was checking out the reduced bread, by squeezing it and other odd things. All of a sudden she unwraps the bread and continues the squeezing. She compared a couple loaves and then tried to wrap the bread back up again. In the end she left the unwrapped loaf and bought a different one. Below is a picture, which I might add is the first spy cam picture out in the real world to appear on the LJ. Notice the bamboo jail they keep the reduced bread in, if you look in her left arm she is cradling a nice big loaf.

Sorry for the late entry, but I had to get it out there. Funny stuff.

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