Tuesday, December 3, 2002


The cold weather and snow this morning was quite a wake up call. I am just scared to see how cold it will be once winter actually starts. The WeatherBug on my desktop says it is currently 16 degrees at the Museum of Science. I can see it now, the day is February 10 and the high for the day will be a whopping -5 degrees. The only good thing about this is that it is great for skiing, I always hope we will have a snowy winter like they used to have around in here in the 70's. I remember seeing pictures of my parents outside their house with snow banks towering over my dad and he is a tall guy. We never have snow like that anymore, I guess it is probably a good thing since people now would totally freak out and the entire state would grind to a halt. Even the threat of 3-5 inches causes everybody to raid the stores and act like the end of the world is near.

I decided to drive in today to see if perhaps the people commuting by car had more of a clue than the commuter rail riders. Yeah they don't, the drive to Malden was terrible, maybe it was because the North Shore received a whole inch of snow =-O The traffic was backed up everywhere and it took me almost two hours to get here. I did come to the realization that perhaps my commute is just miserable because I live so far away, but I like living outside of the city, I don't think I could handle being any closer especially after the traffic incident last week.

Link of the Day
Here is a link my friend Julie sent me a while ago, I am sure some of you may have seen it. It is a real page some kid made, but I will admit it is kind of freaky. Heads up this does have sound so keep the volume down. Hello My Future Girlfriend

I just want to give a shout out to Jurate, my first reader, as far as I know, from outside the US. Who would have thought I would have readers in London. Well spread the word and if there are any other readers from outside even New England post a comment and tell us where you are.

Keegan's Daily Weather Report
Today - The cold weather and wind will continue for the rest of the day, with a high temp of 25.
Tomorrow - It will be a little warmer than today, but still quite cold. Snow will be developing in the late evening.
Snow Warning It looks like a snow storm will be hitting the area on Thursday, early estimates say there will be 3-6 inches with most of that once again south of Boston. Stay tuned for updates on this storm, I will know more tomorrow.

London Forecast for Jurate
The showers should continue on and off through tomorrow, with a high near 10 degrees C today and tomorrow. The extended forecast calls for showers, showers and more showers. The cold weather in Boston doesn't seem so bad after hearing about all that rain.

Dave Matthews Band Lyrics of the Day
Song title: Too Much
Ooh, traffic jam got more cars
Than a beach got sand

Snozberry Stouvre for KeeKee CKY kicks some major ass!!!

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