Monday, January 6, 2003

So Much To Say

Prepare yourself for one of the longest journal entries I have ever written. If you do read any of this make sure to read about my dilemma at the bottom. Sounds like a pretty scary thing especially since it is a Monday and nobody really has much extra time on those terrible Monday mornings. So here it goes...

New Year's eve started off great, I got out of work and met Sarah in Quincy and we headed up to Amesbury. Unfortunately the traffic was horrible, partly because of some guy in a Cadillac, whose car broke down in the middle lane of the South Station tunnel, how much does that suck? We finally made it to the "Bury" and then made it to Bethel, to add to the mass of seven people who ended up staying at the studio apartment. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, not so happy New Year. I have to agree with SomaKitty because the New Year is the biggest piece of shit holiday. What the hell is the point, some people come up with resolutions which they follow for about two seconds, plus with these resolutions come other expectations you set for yourself. My favorite quote would have to be, "This year will definitely be better than last year," come on now, if your life is that bad do you think the fact you have to buy a new calendar, means things will get better. So my New Year's wasn't exactly great, but they tend to be less than spectacular anyway. The skiing on the 1st was terrible and icy, plus we had a huge group of eight people skiing, which always tends to slow the day down to a crawl. The group thing did actually go well, but sometimes it can just be exhausting trying to get on the lift and counting heads to make sure everybody is there. Now, if you were in this group, don't get the wrong impression and think I hated skiing in the group, because I know damn well that if I wanted to I could have skiied on my own, I am just making an observation. After skiing, I was in a terrible mood, but once I got in the car to give Sarah a ride back to Amesbury, things got a lot better and by the time I returned to Bethel five and a half hours later, I was back to my normal chipper self.

The skiing improved and the number of people staying with us decreased until for about six hours on Friday, we didn't have any guests. Now once again for those of you who stayed up there, I don't care how many people stay with us as long as I have my bed to sleep in and I can go skiing it doesn't make a damn difference to me. It certainly is a bit more difficult with six guests, but generally the guests were considerate and didn't get in my way. Friday was when part two of my vacation began, we had a dinner party for some local folk, Kate was excited to bake using her new cookbook, so we headed to Norway (Maine) for some shopping. We had fish, which I can't stand, but did actually try some (new me), and it wasn't bad, I still don't like the texture though. Okay I am getting tired of writing now, so I will really summarize from here out.

Saturday - We had a giant snow storm which dumped a foot of snow, the skiing was amazing, the first couple hours were the best because it took a while for people to get up there, there is nothing like making first tracks. After a long and exhausting day of skiing, I ended up going to a great dinner at Legends Restaurant, for all you meat lovers I got a giant prime rib which was about a foot and a half across. It was yummy, but I still think I should have had the Curry Chicken. For once I actually had decent timing and as we got out of dinner, they began a fireworks show right on the mountain, it was cool.

Sunday - They groomed the mountain on Sunday and flattened out all of the powder from Saturday, but it didn't take long for it to get pushed around into a nice mess. My legs were exhausted as was my brain from a long week of spending time with a lot of different people. We decided to call it a day relatively early and actually began the trek home at about 2:30. I did end up visiting a friend at the mall on the way home, which was nice since I hadn't seen her in a while. Once I did make it home I was by myself and that was nice, people slowly began to get home and it was nice not to have everybody home all at once. I was psyched to see my mom and chat with her about my crazy weekend. The night ended with a bunch of phone calls, I was on the phone last night for a total of about two and a half hours, I talked so much my cell phone battery went dead, first time that ever happened. I finally went to bed at ten and put the long vacation to rest!!!

Just when you thought it was save to continue surfing the net, I keep going. Now for my complaint, I am considering writing an editorial and sending it to a real newspaper. They doubled the price of parking at the commuter rail station in Newburyport and it has thrown my commute back to Malden. I am not extremely happy about it, but it will save me a bunch of time. It is just annoying that for once I was doing something which was theoretically good for the environment and now I have to get back into my car by myself and pollute. It is kind of annoying plus I won't get to see my train friend E as much. Sorry E :o(

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My Dilemma
It appears that there is a party system forming between the readers of this journal. One party which has been coined as the CKY kids, mainly the other LJ people and many of the people I have met through SomaKitty, ie. the college crowd. The other party is the BoCaNosters, who are all the members of BoCaNo and also part of the Bethel Weekend Warrior crew. The problem is that the CKY kids have made requests for shorter and briefer entries, with less lyrics. Now the BoCaNosters enjoy the lyrics and prefer entries where I use complete sentences and tell stories. I have come to understand why
there are two ideas, the CKYsters read several journals and really don't have the time to spend a half hour reading mine, plus they are of the internet age where acronyms, abbreviations and fragmented sentences are a necessity. Now it has caused a slight dilemma for me, do I cater to a particular audience or just keep doing what I want to do. Now what I would like to do is make the journal as honest as possible, though this method would increase my number of readers it may decrease the number of friends I have to write about in the journal. So what I am going to do is ask all of you readers to fight it out in the comments section and after some discussion I will create some sort of hybrid journal. You all stress me out, but not much I can do. So let the games begin, which of you is going to comment first huh, CKYsters or BoCaNosters.

Dave Matthews Band Lyrics of the Day
Song title: Drive In, Drive Out

I hear more than I like to...
so I boil my head in a sense of humor...
I laugh at what I cannot change...
I throw it all on the pyre again...go then and do this
I'd do it for you...
when all that I want is so badly to be...
by myself again...
it's going to drive me right out of my brain

Drive in drive out I'm leaving
Drive in drive out
I'll come back again
Drive in drive out I'm leaving
Drive in drive out

I don't care if we all turn to waste...
so when I avoid me...because I smell of dirt... hungry,
hungry won't leave me all alone...the boy won't go

Sooner or later we're done
Sooner or later I'm gone
because, because
Sooner or later we're gone
Sooner away

Ooh, my head is pounding now...god has all but left me behind...
not a sense of worry...I'm going to drive in and drive out again
Drive in drive out I'm leavin
Drive in drive out I'll come
Drive in drive out I'm leavin
Drive in drive out

I'm over this arrangement...
around here...emptiness
sounded so good...I want to
drive you right into my world

Drive in drive out I'm leavin
Drive in drive out I'll come
Drive in drive out I'm leavin
Drive in drive out

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