Tuesday, January 28, 2003

Live From Salt Lake City

Hello all, now I know I am on vacation and somebody else posted an entry for me, but I have access to the net and I am not afraid to use it. I got up this morning at around 5:30 EST and headed to the airport. It was a rather uneventful flight, but that is a good thing.

There was an incident of sorts when we checked our bags. Basically we tried to check our bag with the skis in them and the nice attendant at the counter told us there would be a charge because they were sporting goods. We couldn't believe it and asked how much it was going to cost us. It took her a minute or two and she said the cost was eighty dollars per ski bag. It was ridiculous especially since the round trip flight for each of us came to $150 before taxes and fees. We asked if the fee covered the round trip and she said probably not and there would be another fee for the return trip. Bottom line, it costs more to send my skis round trip to Salt Lake and back then it does for me. In an effort to save money and our dignity we held up the line and put two pairs of skis in each bag and charged the $160 to a credit card. Can you believe that?

We did make it on the plane and successfully landed in Dallas and then in Salt Lake City. One more note in Dallas I was able to test out a tablet PC and it was tres cool. If I needed a new PC and was convinced that I could have a wireless internet connection most of the time I would definitely drop the $2000 for it but alas, I would like to move out and as soon as I get back that is my first priority. All of our luggage made it and we are now prepared to go skiing tomorrow bright and early.

Also as your guide to the world of Dave Matthews I would like to report that despite the apparent news story on CNN.com, which actually wasn't the real CNN, Dave is not dead. I repeat Dave is not dead. I have checked out the official site and they mention false information and say if anything were to happen they would have it up on there site. So have no fear, Dave is still hear.

Time to go to bed, it is 9:00 MST and I am quite tired, trying to hold out for a bit longer so I don't wake up too early. By the way it was 50 degrees here today, SO NICE!!!

I can't believe that we would
lie in our graves
Wondering if we had
spent our living days well

-David John Matthews
Complete lyrics to Lie In Our Graves

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