Thursday, January 16, 2003

People Watching

Bunch of stuff to get through today, last night BoCaNO was super fun because of some exceptional people watching. Let me preface this by saying we went to the Elephant and Castle and the entertainment for the night was a singer, who plays guitar and sings, but is supported by backup music, karaoke style. Okay so the first people were Rick and Tracy, they were singing with the entertainer after consuming what appeared to be more then a few pints of beer. They were hilarious, the singer kept referring to them and would let them take the mic and sing the chorus. I only wish I had the spycam, gotta get some batteries for that thing. The other people we watched were a guy and a girl who appeared to be on a date, it was interesting because the girl would not shut up. They were there for a good three hours and the ratio of her speaking to his was 90/10. I walked by and heard her voice, and believe me her voice was piercing. So we kept tabs on that making sure she was still talking up a storm. When they finally parted ways all the guy got for his attentiveness was a hug and then she just took off. I was stymied about what there relationship was, I am guessing an early date, but I couldn't believe he didn't walk outside with her. Oh well we were entertained.

Speaking of entertainment, I was pleasantly surprised last night to receive an email from the Dave Matthews Band announcement list. They announced a Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds acoustic tour. I haven't been to an acoustic show since my first show back on 1997.01.29. I am going to order tickets to two shows to hopefully ensure I get to go to at least one of them since I will be put into a lottery for the tickets. Check out the schedule Dave & Tim Tour Schedule

Finally, I was listening to the Howard Stern show and they were talking about a Fox show called Man vs. Beast. It was on last night, the basic premise of the show was that humans compete against animals. The events were a hot dog eating contest against a bear, a foot race against a giraffe and a zebra, tug of war with an orangutan, the final event was 44 little people against an elephant to see who could tow an airplane the furthest. It sounded hilarious check out the link above and grab yourself a new desktop picture. I will try to give you a head's up next time it is on, the whole thing is a riot.

I said too much again
To a date over dinner yesterday

-John Mayer
Complete lyrics to My Stupid Mouth

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