Thursday, January 23, 2003

Frozen Angry Commuters

The subject sounds like a cool band name, but really it is just what I saw this morning on the way to work. I arrived at Malden Center and stood there like normal, freezing my ass off. An announcement came of the PA about a disabled train coming through Malden Center. It arrived at the station and let some people off the train and hobbled off towards the yard. Another train finally arrived and we all piled on, and weren't able to pick people up because it was full. At Haymarket the we had to hang out while a medical emergency was tended too. It was the worst especially since it was sooooo cold.

At work yesterday we had a huge fiasco with the whole Jeans Friday thing. They were proposing we skip a week so the Jeans Day would always fall on a payday, so people could remember better. I think they would remember either way, if it stayed the same, we could just say, "Oh we don't get paid this week so it must be Jeans Day." So we ended up receiving two emails, one had an attachment of a Powerpoint presentation with a calendar showing the days. I decided to take it a step further and built a computer program for the group, so they can enter a date and it will tell them if the date is a valid Jean's Day. It is apparently a big hit, many people have sent back positive feedback about the button. Can you believe that?

Finally, I saw Chicago last night and I know Britt is dying to see what I thought. It was a great movie, a ton of fun with some great performances by all of the actors involved. The only thing I didn't like is the apparent voice over for all of the singing. I know the actors did the singing for all of the music, but it just doesn't sync sometimes, which made me question the singing. Besides that I thought the story was great and it wasn't too long. My favorite scene had to be when Billy Flynn(Richard Gere) and Roxie Hart(Renee Zellweger) did the ventriloquist act, to the tune of We Both Reached for the Gun. Check it out if you get a chance even if you aren't a typical movie goer, you are sure to like this one.

How did I come to this?
I dream myself a thousand times around the world,
But I can’t get out of this place

-David John Matthews
Complete lyrics to Grey Street

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