Tuesday, January 21, 2003

My new superhero name Tartar Man

I am glad to say I made it through my dentist's appointment, but there are certainly many things to talk about. First of all I arrived on time and the people at Boston Dental were very nice. I gave the receptionist my dental insurance card and she called me over to tell me my insurance would not cover any work done by them. So I had to decide whether to pay cash ($89) or leave and schedule my appointment somewhere else. I opted for the cash option, now before you say I am crazy, keep in mind that it took me two years to actually get back into a dentist's office. Now with that decision out of the way, I waited to be called on and was taken care of rather quickly. Let the games begin, so first my dental hygenist Beth said something about how my gums have receded and that I need to use a softer toothbrush and floss more often. Point well taken, more floss, softer toothbrush. Now for the torture ;o( The scraping of the plaque and tartar began and within ten minutes Beth had finished my top teeth. Fifteen minutes later, she finally finished the bottom teeth, after a bunch of build up on the back of the front bottom teeth. The poor girl was really getting in their and raking back and forth, I must have lost a pint of blood from the bleeding. Thank god for that little vaccuum thing, otherwise it would have been quite messy. The polishing was rather uneventful and afterwards she actually went back to the back of the front bottom teeth to get at the plaque and tartar still hangin on like barnacles. I think she finally conceded and began the search for cavities. Luckily for her she did not come up empty handed and found two one in each of my upper wisdom teeth. Her recommendation was to either have them pulled or get them filled as soon as possible. She sat me up and told me to rinse and I proceeded to spill listerine all over the floor because laying down for 45 minutes totally screwed with my motor skills. I thanked her for the patience and persistence with the plaque and tartar and headed back to work. Now I just have to find a dentist to pull those wisdom teeth, or at least one that is covered by my insurance.

Top 10 things I learned at the dentist today:
10) I need to find a dentist who accepts my dental plan or change my plan.
9) Get a softer tooth brush and floss.
8) When wisdom teeth get cavities they can be pulled or filled.
7) If the cavity in the wisdom teeth gets too bad when they take it out it could break.
6) The dentist vaccuum tube is the most important tool in the dentist's office.
5) I hate the stupid pick tool more than anything in the world.
4) If I went to the dentist more often they wouldn't have to use the stupid pick tool nearly as much.
3) After laying in the dentist chair for 45 minutes your motor skills are not so great.
2) I have made too much of this appointment.
1) I really need to make sure I go to the dentist every six months.


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