Friday, January 17, 2003

Broken Bagel Buzzsaw

Sadly this morning the buzzsaw at Finagle A Bagel was busted, so my bagel had to be cut by hand. It felt very different in there without the saw or conveyor belt going, it didn't stop me from getting a sausage bagel sandwich. Yummm!

Last night was rather interesting, I left work around 4:30 and headed for Grafton, I decided to take Route 16 to the Mass Pike instead of driving through the city. I started on 16 and my mom called and told me she wasn't going to be able to go see Some Like It Hot. Now I decided to get on the phone and try to find somebody to take the tickets, and the only person I could think of was Nissa, so I called her and told me she would call back. While I was on the phone I lost track of Route 16 and had no idea where I was going. I knew I was heading Southwest, and eventually would cross 90 or 128, but I don't even know what town I was in. Eventually I made my way to the 128 and found the MassPike. Nissa called back and said she couldn't take the tickets, so unfortunately they just sat at the box office, oh well, you win some you lose some.

I do have a complaint today, they have to do something about the signage near the tolls on the MassPike. You pull up to them and not only do you question how much money you need, you also don't know which lane to go into. The signs are confusing and not ordered in anyway. It should be all FastLanesto the right followed by human toll takers and finally exact change tolls. They just kind of randomly assign the order and it is annoying especially when you are trying to change CD's and find change for the toll. In Maine, they have it set up this way and it is much easier to navigate the Maine Turnpike.

I was just wondering if
you'd come along
To hold up my head when my head
won't hold on
I'll do the same if the same's
what you want

-David John Matthews
Complete lyrics to The Stone.

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