Wednesday, January 15, 2003

Always with the bagels

Finagle A Bagel was a little short on help this morning, but it didn't stop this guy from being selfish. When I arrived there was only one cashier and this guy apparently ordered three dozen bagels and had to hand pick each friggin bagel, wtf.

Here is the dialogue:
Annoying Guy: First I will have a baker's dozen of chocolate chip.
FAB worker: You have 26 more to go.
Annoying Guy: Okay now six plain and six honey grain.
Annoying Guy ponders his next selection.
Annoying Guy: How about five plain?
FAB worker: Fourteen to go.
Annoying Guy: Hmmm, five sesame seed.
FAB worker: Nine more.
Annoying guy ponders some more, since he has apparently used up the only varieties he has ever seen before.
Annoying Guy: Make the rest cinnamon raisin.

The line was now out the door and I was completely annoyed, seriously it is okay to get what you want, but plan ahead and write it down or even call them and order before you go. Just when I thought the annoyances were over, this other guy is sweet talking the girl who puts the cream cheese on the bagels, and trying to get her to give him a side of cream cheese, despite the fact he ordered and paid for just a plain bagel. Ahh you cheap son of a bitch, pay the extra cash and get cream cheese like everybody else. While I deal with a bunch of stupid people on a daily basis it is no comparison to what I used to deal with when I worked in retail, oh the stories I could tell.

Now for my life, lets see, I went home last night and just did nothing, which was kind of nice. I did talk to Nissa on my way home, it was nice to catch up and hear about her trip to Cleveland. I went over to Britt's to see if she was around, but she was at Jacq's and while my aunt told me to go down there, I decided to go home since I nearly fell asleep at the counter. So overall pretty boring, but looking forward to the upcoming long weekend.

Down from the doorway
and into the street
I hear the morning bell
over and over the pattern repeat
I hear the morning bell
and all the faces cold as stone
in the January chill
you have led me into worlds unknown
and I'm walking there still

-David Gray
Complete lryics to Everytime

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