Monday, March 17, 2003

Wow where should I start

So of course my weekend was amazing again because I was in Bethel and not in boring Massachusetts. Skiing yesterday was one of the best days so far this year at Sunday River. It was in the forties and the sun was out all day long. I started at 8:45 and skiied straight through until four o'clock without lunch, the scary part of it was that I could have skiied for at least three more hours and not thought twice about it. We also did a ton of filming for my ski movie, well of course it is going to be the worst most boring film ever, but we sure do get a kick out of watching it every Sunday night. There has been a lot of learning what not to do with the camera, such as don't ski with the zoom on. So bottom line, skiing was kick ass now on to other stuff.

I love the IRS!!! I went to the ATM this morning (I know me at the ATM what a surprise) and took out some money, I grabbed the receipt and checked the balance and was shocked to see my account had three times as much money as I thought it did, yippeee!! So I checked online and I must have done my taxes incorrectly and ended up receiving almost twice as much money as I anticipated. I am thinking of putting all the money directly into a savings account or maybe opening an eTrade account and getting into the market OR I could use it as a security deposit and first/last month's rent on an apartment. Who knows?

I do have an update on my Dave Matthews concert going for the next six months, it appears Dave has now become less of a priority, because I am only going to three shows. Two shows in Mansfield and one show in Columbus. I seriously thought about the Gorge shows in Washington state, but I think the cross country drive will have to wait until next year. It would have been expensive and its not exactly fun to do the whole trip alone. My car thanks me for the decision. Speaking of my car it is headed to Seacoast VW today for its 10,000 mile service, I want to thank my mom and brother for taking it up there for me. Hopefully Precious will be okay and ready for another trip to Maine on Thursday night.

I have a couple links for y'all to check out. First of all Maddox has updated his site with his articleWho would make a better president Bush or a box of Tic-Tacs?
An objective analysis.
The second link is to a funny video of the Trunk Monkey.

i am HoLDiNg youR PhOne hOsTAgE. IF you Ever wANt tO sEE YoUR PHONe agAIN LeaVE 1,000,000 tURkish lIrA iN a bRiEfcAse On the PLatFOrm Of THe reD LInE AT PaRK strEeT statIoN Near the haND. IF YoU NOTiFY tHe pOlice i wILl Let THe bATTeRy Die.

Take these chances
Place them in a box until a quieter time
Lights down, you up and die

-David John Matthews
Lyrics and audio to Ants Marching.

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