Thursday, March 27, 2003

Not Myself

1) Not Myself
2) Bocano Recap
3) Howard Stern

As it was pointed out yesterday I have not been myself lately and I agree. It is weird there isn't really one event that has caused this, but I am acting in a different way then normal. It is most notable to me at work in the morning when I try to write in this journal, I try to find things in society that have caused me to think twice, but I am unable to come up with anything. It used to be easy for some reason and now "not so much". Perhaps this is good because less things aggravate me, and perhaps I am just being more opened minded. However, I feel it might be a memory thing and for some reason I can't seem to remember things as well. Or maybe I am just so tired the part of my brain which normally comes up with that stuff has just shut down. Whatever it is let's hope it passes soon, because it is actually aggravating me, perhaps that is why I am writing about it. Ironically in writing this I have stopped the writer's block which I am complaining about. To be continued...

After such a nice day, we had BoCaNO last night at the Grand Canal. Something about the food there doesn't agree with me, because even before I finish my meal my stomach is all upset. It happened the last time we were there when I ate way too much, but this time I only had a sandwich and fries. The food wasn't the only thing to upset me, we also talked about the relationship hierarchy and of course had to discuss if the "Special Friends" category is valid. The attempt to have a quorum and vote it in was quite lame. Theories aren't decided by popular vote. Are you kidding me? I am sure a lot of the laws of physics were voted on by physicists all over the world. The formula for Kinetic Energy K=1/2 mv^2 was only chosen over K=4mv^6 after a runoff vote and the current formula only won by ten votes. "Special Friends" is not a valid box because using the rules of the hierarchy it can't exist. I think it is time to concede.

I know I have been going on and on, but I have one more thing to say. I have a question to ask y'all out there who cringe at the mention of Howard Stern. Have you ever really listened to the show? It is very annoying to me when I quote something from the Howard Stern show and people roll there eyes. I think I finally had enough last night when somebody at BoCaNO gave the typical sigh and eye roll. I can certainly understand if a person has listened for more then two minutes and decided you don't like it, but please don't judge it because of things you have heard from other people. Yeah the show is dirty sometimes and the topics aren't your typical everyday conversation topics, but most of the time it is funny and for once somebody is actually speaking there mind and not holding back to keep society happy. I think it is kind of refreshing. There is nothing worse than a celebrity interview by Jay Leno, because he doesn't ask any good questions for fear of pissing off the guest. Howard asks the questions everybody wants to ask but is too afraid. You also may listen and here some racist comments or slurs, but the thing to keep in mind is that they are so extreme, you are almost forced to take it lightly and realize they aren't the actual views of the people on the show. Mostly they are just making fun of the ignorant people that would say these comments in real life as opposed to in a comedy setting. So please open your mind's give it a listen and then decide if you want to roll your eyes. Or it would be better if you rented his movie, "Private Parts", because seeing that would definitely change your mind.

They say I'm great, but I'm not sure
My whole life sucks, each minute blows
This gangely body, this monsterous nose
This droopy ass, this tiny shween
No wonder I get on the air and act so mean

-Howard Stern
Lyrics to Tortured Man.

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