Friday, March 21, 2003

Friday Off

1) My day off
2) More war talk

I intended to go skiing today, but the forecast said it was going to be raining up North so I decided to take the day off anyway and just rest. Well I certainly did that. I woke up at eight, went downstairs realizing only my brother was home and went back upstairs to watch some taped shows. After that I decided to go back to sleep and I napped on and off until the afternoon. It felt great to do NOTHING. Around 2:00 I realized it was a nice day and I should probably get outside and enjoy the weather, so I hopped in the shower and got dressed. I gave Emily a call and we went to the beach and then Newburyport, back to Amesbury and then back to Newburyport to pick up Britt. I got to have my first beach pizza in quite a while and also got to see the new and improved boardwalk in Newburyport. It is nice, you can't see between the decking anymore which is a great new added feature. We picked Britt up at the train and brought her home where we played a few games of cards while waiting for Becky to show up. We had dinner at Wendy's, which is where Em and Becky got in a debate about some actor and whether one of the gay guys in "Best Of Show" was the same guy as the father in "Home Alone". I decided the only way to resolve the issue was to go to Blockbuster and look at the big old movie book. Sure enough Becky was right. It was funny. I am now home just watching more war coverage with my family, because as much as I like music I didn't want to join the "collage girls" for a local bands' concert.

It is starting to get boring, just like after the fourth day of the 9/11 attacks footage. I wonder how long they are going to show the war coverage on network television. It is kind of good because it means we aren't subjected to the lame ass repeats, which would normally be airing tonight. Once the war coverage over, they are going to have to show new episodes of all the shows for the rest of the television season. It was crazy being home today and seeing just how many channels were covering the war. Aside from all of the networks including the WB, there were at least six cable networks as well as the French and Spanish channels. I wonder though through all of this where have the terrorists been and why haven't they struck. It just seemed like within a day of our first attacks in the war I though for sure the terrorists would be at it destroying lord knows what in lord knows what way. Don't get me wrong I am not complaining, it makes me wonder if they are up to something or if we really have stopped the threat. I hope it is the latter.

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