Thursday, March 13, 2003


The end of the week is finally here for me, I will definitely try to sleep in tomorrow, the skiing is going to have to wait for a little while. Keep in mind sleeping in for me means 8:00, so I won't be missing out on too much skiing. I actually was exhausted this morning and slept in for an extra hour, which was nice, though I felt so late even though I was only leaving an hour after I typically leave.

So BoCaNO last night was rather interesting, there ended up only being four of us and we had quite the discussion. I think it may even top the triangle table discussion from Fajitas and Ritas. We discussed the different levels of relationships and the definitions of each of those types of relationships. Now I know some of you (John) are going to have a ton of shit to say about our discussion, and criticize us by saying rather than discuss it why don't you actually do it. Yeah yeah I know, part of the problem is that I am too busy trying to figure it out before hand rather than just jumping in and figuring it out from the inside. So I will acknowledge my flaw and save you the trouble of a nasty comment. I won't go into much detail about the whole "relationship hierarchy", because I think Tasha and E are working on something, but it basically defines the different levels and types of relationships. Starting with friends and casual dating, then flowing up to dating, then to bf/gf, followed by engagement and then marriage. Oh yeah and don't forget the hook up box, which can lead to dating, but in most cases doesn't go anywhere except to relationship purgatory. Now while moving up the chart the commitment and obligation increases. The most difficult parts are below dating on the chart because the status of the relationship is not clearly defined and since we don't live in a universe with perfect information, most people never really know which category there relationship is in and that can cause issues. Now there is a ton more, but you will either have to talk to me in person about it or just show up at the next BoCaNO and we can continue the theorizing. I am going to have to start a book of all of the new theories that have been created in my presence. Coming soon to a live journal near you the KEgan alfabet I am dEtermind to cAnj thE wA pEpl komUnikAt. ;o)

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