Monday, March 24, 2003

Seesaw Weekend

1) Weekend Report
2) Head Lice?
3) 8 Mile Review

It was quite a busy weekend spent with three different groups of friends. Boy has life changed a lot in one years time. Friday night I hung out with the "Collage Girls". Saturday I stayed in all morning, watched 8 Mile (see below for review) and played the guitar. In the afternoon I picked Sarah up we went to the beach and Margaritas before returning to Grafton. It is was great to go to the beach and not have to wear a jacket. The weather wasn't perfect on Saturday, because it was cloudy, but it was still warm and these longer days are excellent. Margarita's was so yummy I hadn't eaten there in months, so I was excited when my chicken quesadilla arrived at the table. Margarita's definitely has the best mexican food I have had so far, I mean the chicken guadalajara at Border is good, but it still doesn't compare. After leaving Grafton it was still fairly early so I decided, what the hell why don't I go skiing. I drove to Amesbury filled a small bag with some clothes jumped back in the car and headed for Bethel. I made it to Bethel from Amesbury in two hours and one minute. A new record, in retrospect it probably wasn't a great idea since it is dangerous to drive so fast, so I think this record will stand for quite some time. The skiing yesterday was fantastic, the snow is getting so heavy and soft. It was fun and I was able to work on my speed in the bumps. Every weekend I tweak something and change my style a little bit and I think I am slowly getting into the correct form for the bumps competition. DOH!!

Argh! There was so much stuff that went on this weekend and for some reason I can't seem to remember what it was. I mean like annoying stuff, or observations about people in public that are just hilarious. I think I need to start writing this stuff down when I see it. Breaking News!! Be careful the next time you go the record store you might want to think twice about listening to music at one of those sampling stations. A recent report has shown that a lot of head lice has been spread via the headphones in the stores. Apparently the lice can live on the headphones for 24-48 hours before it can't be caught by somebody else. Just a heads up for y'all. It is weird how something so obvious just goes overlooked for so long.

8 Mile movie review
Now going into this I had mixed expectations on the one hand I couldn't see how good Eminem's acting would be, but I had heard several good things about it from other people. Bottom line is that I did enjoy this movie. Eminem did a great job and the story was interesting, I was actually hoping for more once the movie ended. Kim Basinger was great in the movie and though I feel like she is old, she was still looking good. Of course there were a few scenes which could have been removed without effecting the film especially the sex scene between Eminem and Brittany Murphy, it just didn't fit into the movie and caused you to lose faith in the protaganist Bunny Rabbit. I definitely recommend it for renting though, my grade is a B.

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