Monday, March 31, 2003

The Core

1) The core movie review
2) Skiing again!!
I have been waiting since Saturday night to write this movie review. Let me just say I wasn't expecting it to be great and was looking forward to how bad it would be. It didn't disappoint. It all started when 35 people died suddenly in a small area around Copley, that's right the movie starts in Boston. The typical college professor was then called in to determine the problem and he does, while at the same time adding his comic relief and light hearted humor to the serious government types. The movie proceeded to gather random people from all over the planet, all of which are different and have there own quirks. In a short amount of time they are forced to come up with a plan and create a ship to solve the problem. Upon building the ship and coming up with the plan, midway through the mission they realize the plan isn't going to work and must try to come up with another plan before the military uses there ultimate solution, which apparently won't do anything but make the situation work. What does this sound like? Oh yeah every other blockbuster we have seen over the past five years ie. Armageddon, Independence Day, Deep Impact... It was great how everybody kept dying, I forgot how much they like to kill off the crews in these movies. I must say the funniest thing about the movie was the ship, it looked like a giant poo. No joke, it was six cylindrical compartments all attached end to end. As the ship tunneled towards the center of the earth it either looked like a poo making its way through the intestinal tract or a poo in the sewer system. It was quite amusing. What disturbed me most, yes something disturbed me more than the S.S. Shit, was the fact that the government never announced the problem to the public and to prevent anything from getting out they brought in a computer hacker to control the internet. First of all would our government actually keep something as serious as the end of the world secret. I hope not, you wouldn't believe some of the things that happened on Earth, from complete destruction of Rome to the melting and collapse of the Golden Gate Bridge. I don't know what there explanation was, but I think the government would be under a ton of pressure to explain it. My second problem is the controlling the internet, now I know it isn't possible, but just the thought of the government censoring everything on the internet makes me queasy. So overall the movie was terrible, but if you are in the mood for this type of movie like I was, check it out.

My weekend was great, as the ski season winds down I find I ski less and less every week. Yesterday was my 50th day of the season. I did some calculations and over the last 149 days I have skiied on 50 of them. When put in that perspective it seems like a ton. We got a ton of footage for my movie, I just need to figure out how to edit it. Next week is the last up at Sunday River and then only Tuckerman's after that and my season will finally be finished. I can rest my weary muscles.

Now let the week begin.

Stay or leave
I want you not to go
but you should
It was good as good goes
Stay or leave
I want you not to go
but you did

-David John Matthews

Lyrics to Stay or Leave.