Wednesday, March 5, 2003

Summer Planning

Much to my surprise this morning I received an email announcing all of the tour dates for the Dave Matthews Band this summer. I can't believe they are releasing the dates so soon nothing like planning for a Tuesday concert in September now. I now have a week to decide which shows I will be going to this year. I would like to keep my tradition of going to the first show of the tour alive and once again that will land me in good old Columbus, OH on June 17. It would make it five years in a row: '99 Tampa, FL, '00 Columbus, OH, '01 Charlottesville, VA, and '02 Washington D.C. I had planned on going to the Gorge shows in George, WA so it looks like my cross country trip will be in the first week of August. Finally, they will be coming to Mansfield on September 9th and 10th. So there we go $250 right out the door and so many other shows I would like to go to. Yeah I know I don't HAVE to go, but it is something I enjoy so much. It is at least a micro 9 at every show I go to. I still feel it is definitely worth the cost, perhaps once I grow up things will change, but for now still gotta go to the shows.

I didn't post yesterday and probably should have since I didn't have anything to do all day at home. I called in sick because over the past few days I had a sore throat and just didn't feel right. I figured it would be a good idea to take a day before I became any sicker. It was boring at home, my mom was there, burning brownies and trying to learn how to type. I sat down and played with the typing program and struggled a bit, but did end up beating a game they have for learning. I was able to get some ironing done, dusted my room, and opened the windows since it smelled like a coffin in there. Overall I am feeling better and am glad to be back at work and doing some programming today. Speaking of my health I have added a new component to my current mood it is the health percentage. It isn't as complicated as the Micro/Macro mood system, it is just a percentage of how I am feeling at the moment I do the journal. 100% is feeling perfectly, 90% is feeling good, but tired and as the percentage goes down so does my health.

Maddox explains How to become an obnoxious webcam whore.

Have a great day, and try to stay out of the rain. Apparently it is really going to come down this afternoon. Spring is nearly here, then summer and DMB.

I wonder sometimes
about the outcome
of a still verdictless life
am I living it right

-John Mayer
Complete lyrics to Why Georgia

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