Thursday, March 20, 2003

Deadline Passes

1) War talk
2) Border Cafe seating issues

I went to BoCaNO last night expecting to see a war on TV, but instead the deadline for Sadaam to leave passed without any action in the skies over Baghdad. Well at least not while I was watching, at some point on my extra long trip home from Cambridge we did drop some bombs. I am left wondering now when the real bombardment is going to begin. Is it wrong that so many people are so excited for it to begin? I feel bad for looking forward to war and all the attacks that are going to occur, but I can't help looking at the tv or internet every five minutes to see if anything else has happened. I find it very interesting that this is the first real war since the internet has become woven into our daily lives. Most people don't even realize the first Gulf War happened before the internet age. We have just so accustomed to the internet we don't even realize it has only been widely used for about the last 6-8 years. I remember when I was in high school we had only one computer with a modem and only about a half dozen people in the school were allowed to go on the internet, luckily I was one of those people. I think it is definitely a case of something we take for granted. Now I have shifted topics a bit, but I feel our new constant thirst for information is what has created our recent excitement for war. We don't care about the war and its ramifications, but look forward to seeing the footage online, reading about it on and having something new and interesting to talk about. I think it is great to have people interested in international issues although it does annoy me to hear people talk about some issues and really not have any idea what they are talking about. Just because you heard some random guy on the awful Fox news network say something doesn't mean it is actually true. I will admit sometimes I probably have this problem, but not as much as some people do. If you don't know what you are talking about bow out of the conversation, please. Lets hope for a short war with a ton of footage available on the internet and also a small list of casualties. Maybe tonight. Late revelation. Perhaps we are all excited because in this oversaturated reality show environment, we are finally going to get a REAL reality show.

One more thing. Last night we went to the Border Cafe in Harvard Square and there were four of us, but we usually get a table for a couple more then who shows up at 5:30. We asked for a table for five and the guy said he couldn't give us a booth until the five people were all there. So we waited and hoped for a fifth person to show up. After a half hour Amy showed up and we went to the guy and said our five were now here, could we please be seated. He said he needed to see all five, in case we were lying. At the time one of our party had gone outside to place a phone call, but that excuse was not good enough for him. Finally were all accounted for and he brought us to our table. Okay now that was quite irritating, the worst part was that as soon as we sat in our booth for more than four people, they sat a party of four in the booth next to us. Come on people do we really need to do a head count before sitting down.

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