Wednesday, October 16, 2002

Been A Long Time

Well I haven't (written) typed in this for a while, it just seems so wrong to say write when you write with a pencil. The reason for this entry is because of Brittany's recent endeavour with her deadjournal. So I will try to keep pace with these young college girls, keep in mind they have a lot more time to write than I do. Well then again it is not like I actually do work at work.

So my car is "Busted Stuff". It sounds like the transmission is going, I am hoping I just need to get a new clutch, but I don't know a clutch from a brake pad so I am in no position to determine what is up with my car. Two camps have formed around this issue, one which is pro new car includes: my mom, my brother and Steve and almost everybody but me. I just think if I can put $700 into a car and get another year out of it is better than making payments of $400 a month on a new one. BUT I can't make a decision until I know what the heck is wrong with the car. All of this does make me feel like a child, because I have to ask for rides whenever I want to go anywhere. If my mom is driving it usually means I have to go on a silly errand, and even though she makes it seem like it will be a quick five minute chore, it turns out to be an adventure.

Since I don't have a deadjournal I will have to manually put in my mood and music.
Current Mood: Purdy Good!!
Current Music: None for now listening to Howard Stern. David Gray after the news though

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