Thursday, September 5, 2002

Possession Review

I recently saw "Possession" at the Hollywood Hits theater in Danvers, let me start by saying I like the theater because they have a frequent movie ticket so every 10 movies and you get a free one. Now on to the movie, I didn't really know what to expect besides Gwyneth Paltrow and some geneaology plot. I thought the acting was great and there were a lot of witty jokes, going back and forth between the American researcher Roland(Aaron Eckhart) and the nasty brits. The plot was rather weak focusing on a possible love affair between a supposedly perfect husband and poet and another woman. As much as I enjoy researching past relatives, I don't think there should be a movie based on this premise. Possession will be a good rental, but I wouldn't go out of your way to check it out.

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