Wednesday, October 16, 2002

I am only posting an entry because I just learned how to set my current mood and music without putting it in the body of my event. Thanks Britt!!

It is still raining like crazy outside, I just went out for the first time in eight hours. I had on my raincoat and walked around the office with my jacket zipped and my hood up. I couldn't figure out why everybody was laughing and looking at me funny, isn't it normal to walk around inside like that. It was even better when I came back and was dripping wet and still had my hood up.

Going to BoCaNO tonight in Cambridge, at the Asgard (ass guard), which is just a sister restaurant of the Kinsale. Scott left work early so I am going to have to be late, doesn't matter much to me I am not hungry at all. It is amazing how filling a turkey sandwich and some animal crackers can be. Later y'all. "Don't burn the day away." - DMB

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