Wednesday, October 23, 2002

First Snow

I woke up this morning at 5:30 and for once my brother was actually right about the weather. The roof was noticeably white, but it was hard to tell because it was so dark. I watched the news and they confirmed that it was possible there actually was some of the white stuff in my area. I finally went downstairs and turned the outside light on and there it was falling from above, thousands of snowflakes. I actually opened the door and stood outside for a minute, enjoying the serenity which can only come during a snowfall. The air was cool and crisp with a slight smell of burning wood, you couldn't hear any sounds except the snow landing on the ground. It made waking up so early a pleasure. It won't be long until the skiing will begin. Yippee!

Bruegger's vs. Finagle a Bagel
Before today, I wasn't a big fan of Bruegger's because they have square bagels. You may wonder what beef I have with square bagels and my argument is this, it just is not normal. Even if you take the dough for a bagel and place it into a square shape, I believe it will end up being round. So the square bagel has a very artificial look to it, which is kind of disturbing to me, what do they have to do to them to make them this way.

This morning I ended up in Bruegger's for only the second time ever and now have many more reasons to prefer FAB to Bruegger's. First of all, FAB has the cool buzz saw, which automatically gives it leverage, it is safe and efficient in a nice fun to watch package. Second, Bruegger's is one of those places where you get your food and then pay afterwards. This is annoying because you have to dig money out of your pockets, while juggling the food at the same time. Ice cream places are famous for this setup, of all places they should take the money first, have you ever tried to keep an ice cream from falling over or dripping, while finding your wallet, it's impossible. Another fault to this system is in the flow of the line, most people can order and pay in about the same amount of time, bigger orders take longer but not too much longer. The system helps to keep the line moving at a relatively uniform speed, but in the other system, you actually have to wait behind larger orders forever. At least ordering and paying first allows you to hang out in another area, so you don't actually notice you are waiting behind a large order and I have noticed at FAB they will fill up orders based on how the bagels come down the shoot, which allows the smaller orders to get finished sooner. At Bruegger's today, I got the feeling of being lost in line because the same woman was taking different orders while waiting for my bagel to toast, I also didn't know if I could pay or if I had to wait. My final complaint is about the price, for an apple bagel toasted with butter at FAB it is $.85, but at Bruegger's it was $1.04. I don't even care about the twenty cent difference as much as the four cents over a dollar, is just such a pain. I would just prefer to hand over a dollar and be done with it, now I have to see if I have change and if not give two bills and then I have a ton of change. Why can't they just adjust the price to $.95 to make all of our lives easier?

So there is my argument, feel free to comment. The entry did start off so nice didn't it.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

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