Thursday, October 17, 2002

Waiting for the big news

I stumbled through the rain and wind last night and made it to the Asgard for BoCaNo. It was a nice place but the wait staff was terrible. I ordered a lemonade and he came back twenty minutes later and apologized for forgetting and I told him I would have a water instead. The atmosphere was cool, but the stools were a bit uncomfortable and the tables were very tall, I don't enjoy feeling like a small child when I am eating. Unfortunately, due to my late start, I caught the 10:40 train home, which involves a delightful layover in Beverly, not very enjoyable in a Nor'Easter. I did make it home though at 12:30.

This morning my car and I hobbled our way to the dealership for the big appointment. I had a line of ten cars behind me because I was afraid to drive fast. The guy should be calling this afternoon to let me know how it looks, either way I will be looking at cars this weekend. We also have a pool going on how much my transmission will cost to get fixed Suha $800, John $1200 and me the constant optimist $600. If anybody else wants in just post a comment. Either way I feel I am going to lose.

Work has been crazy this morning with a bunch of little modifications to existing stuff, which is my absolute least favorite thing to do. Need to make money especially if I am going to get the new wheels.

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