Thursday, October 17, 2002

The winner is...

I finally heard from good old Charlie at Yeo VW, sometimes he is mean and sometimes not so much, but this time he was not so much mean. My problem was a bad exhaust pipe which he says I should get fixed at Midas or Mieneke because it will be cheaper. The other problems include a bad oxygen sensor ($280), a new harness for my door locks ($120) (whatever that is), a new serpentine belt ($100) i don't believe it actually has anything to do with snake like animals and an oil change. I am only getting the snake belt and oil changed, the other stuff can wait. So if I tally up the votes and the total cost of fixing the transmission is $0, so Becky with the guess of $1 wins( and you said you knew nothing about cars). Your prize is a bagel from the Andyman, I hear the baker there is a real prize, so her bagels must be good too. I am still accepting ideas for a new car so tell me what you think.

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