Thursday, October 31, 2002


Happy Halloween!!!

Yes today is the day when kids get to dress up and walk around to strangers houses and get free candy. It seems like a very odd custom to me, but I am the first to get dressed up and hand the candy out, I think if they are going to get dressed up I might as well get dressed up too. However, the best part about this odd holiday comes tomorrow when all of the stores offer the candy at half price. Enough halloween stuff for now.

Last night we had BoCaNO in Boston again at the Grand Canal. I ate so much food, I thought I was going to explode. Keep in mind I had an entire California Pizza Kitchen, pizza at about 1:30. I started with my typical drink Stoli Raz with Cranberry, then Shepard's Pie, a water, a sprite, a piece of German chocolate cake and finally I had a giant glass of milk. It was not a pretty sight. Besides my over eating it was a good time as usual, though Mark's absence was certainly noticeable. I do want to send a shout out to Ruslan, dude wassup, I hope you get to check out Jackass: The Movie before you head home.

Have a great day everybody and don't eat too much candy.

Dave Matthews Lyrics of the Day
Song Title: Halloween
Hey little dreamer's eyes open and staring up at me
Oh little lonely eyes open and radiant

Wait until I come and I will steal you
Wait until I come I'll take your soul
Wait until I come and I will steal you
Wait until I come and I won't go

Darlin' dreamin in the night
Shadows on the windows
Lead oh and everyone go
Well leave me on the night
I will give you lightning
I will not relinquish light

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