Friday, October 18, 2002

Not much to report, I am glad Friday is finally here. I still don't have my car, but should be able to drive it like normal again tomorrow afternoon. I will begin my new car search either tomorrow or Sunday.

I got to work this morning and everybody was standing up down in PA land waiting for me to get here. I wish they would just be patient and let me sit down and eat my breakfast, which was the seasonal Pumpkin Raisin bagel from FAB. Oddly enough it was pretty good despite the fact I had to eat in such a rush.

Oh yeah almost forgot, I was walking to work and this guy totally flipped out at this woman. He was driving this old beater truck and she decided to cross in front of him and he just started cursing up a storm. He drove slow and just kept cursing at her, it was funny because he looked so stupid despite the fact he probably thought he was being some macho hero. The best part was he could only go about 100 feet before he came to another light and had to stop anyway. Impatient people are the worst.

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