Sunday, January 4, 2004

Weekend of fun skiing and doing various other things
-Driving back up 24 hours after leaving
-Setting up an On-the-go playlist while driving down the Maine Turnpike.
-Snowy rodas all the way to Bethel.
-Buying a CD from the Jason Spooner.
-1AM guitar session.
-Snow then freezing rain then sleet then rain = shitty skiing.
-Six Boc's snowplowing in a row down the trail.
-Air hockey and Sega at the Outpost with friends.
-Love Whip lead singer g-string.
-Innocent smooch from a photogenic woman.
-A weird guitar session in a state of exhaustion and slight drunkeness.
-Two wake up calls.
-The worst ice I have ever seen in all my years.
-Black Hole!!! Black Hole!!! Black Hole!!! Thank good for Black Hole!!!
-Near mid air collision with Mark.
-Riding lift 3.
-Long ride home.
-Dinner with Travis at Acapulco's.
-Long, record breaking, battery draining phone call.

Wowee wow, what a weekend.

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