Thursday, January 8, 2004

Back to Work

I was reading this article, Digital Radio Debuts, and they interviewed the first guy to install digital radio in his car. He was so lame as can be read in the article, but the point of all this is the first song he heard on the new digital radio. Any guesses to what it was? Yep that's right it was no surprise, Hey Ya! by Outkast was the first song he picked up on his new digital radio. I just had to laugh when I saw it.

So I had a day off yesterday and spent it skiing, I know I know very shocking. It was plenty cold up there with the temp at only 3.2 when I woke up yesterday. The conditions were much improved over Sunday and I actually pulled off the backpack heli. It was my first time skiing at Wildcat and despite the low number of trails it was still a fun mountain especially the one trail we kept going down with fresh manmade snow and a giant jump at the bottom.Random work/skiing/BoCaNO slideshow

I am irritated because I had an idea about something and of course I forgot it. Oh well if I think of it you all will be the first to know.

Let's take a poll. Who thinks I should go to Maine this weekend given the fact I will do two runs each day and then go back to the Outpost?

One more thing. I want to get a group of people together for the IMAX film All Access at the Museum of Science. Here is a link All Access: Front Row. Backstage. Live! I was thinking about one of the Thursday shows. Sign up by commenting below.

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