Tuesday, January 6, 2004

Recipe #2

I was at it again last night trying to cook something else from the cook book. I strayed from the easy category of pasta and attempted to cook in something from the poultry category. After browsing the various poultry dishes I settled on the Sauteed Chicken Cutlets. I went to the store and picked up some chicken breasts and on another note I grabbed some of the little chocolate donuts which they haven't had for weeks. Now back on topic. I went home and began reading the cook book over and over again so I was prepared for any situation. However the first thing I read confused me and I was soon on the internet looking up the difference between chicken breasts and chicken cutlets. The recipe called for two breasts of chicken or four cutlets, so I first thought I grabbed the wrong thing at the store. After some searching and conversing with Ry and Van in Florida I came up with a plan. For those of you new to cooking write this downTake the breasts and cut them in half, but not lengthwise instead cut them across the narrow way so one piece is small and triangular and the other is thicker and square shaped. Now take the square shaped piece and put some weight on it with your hand. Cut it in half again, but this time filet it as in cut it like you would open a book. The result of the last cut will be two pieces exactly the same size, but thinner than the original pice.End Note Taking Once I finally had cutlets I fired up, well turned on the electric stove, and prepared to make the chicken. I started by pouring a cup of flour in a dish, before I realized I didn't need to combine a cup of flour with bread crumbs, but could use a cup of flour OR bread crumbs. So I poured the flour back into the flour container and then pour the bread crumbs into the plate. Everything went according to plan and the chicken turned out well. I was a bit nervous about not cooking it enough, but there wasn't any pink inside when I cut it open. However, halfway through cooking the chicken I realized I didn't have anything else to eat with so I began cooking some Broccoli Rice stuff, which turns out is really easy to make, but smells like ass. So I started eating the chicken while the rice was cooking. I finally saved some chicken and by the end was able to eat rice and chicken and it was yummy. Well until next time this is the n00b chef signing off.

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