Monday, January 12, 2004

One More Thing

I forgot to add another event from Friday night so I will add it now. I was at Ryan's and walked out to my car which I had left there less than an hour earlier. Upon opening the door I noticed a brown slush all over the inside of the car. It was on the dash board, seats, center console, doors and on the floors. I was perplexed because nobody had been in the car and now this mess was there. My first thought was my sunroof, but it was in perfect shape and then Emily figured it out. A CAN OF SODA!!! Caitlin had left it on the door the other day while skiing and it was finally cold enough for it to freeze and explode all over the car. Luckily it was frozen and could easily be swept off the seat and on to the floor. I finally brushed the crap off of everything and the car is now clean, but I just had to mention one of the most interesting events of the weekend.

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