Monday, February 10, 2003

Time off from skiing

I got a break from skiing this past weekend, I certainly missed it and it was the first weekend I didn't ski since November, but my body is thanking me. Many of you might think I took the break because of the Utah trip, but actually I ended up going to the Tufts School of Veterinary Medicine Senior Banquet for V '03, which the students actually refer to as "The Prom". Insert Keegan Prom Jokes Here. I am going to keep it short since it involves a part of my personal life, I like to keep out of the LJ, but at the same time the rest of the world has to hear about this event. Okay for the most part it is kind of like any semi formal event, there is your basic buffet, a cash bar, dressed up people, tons of table, a live band(okay, typically there is a DJ) and all of the other stuff you find at proms and corporate holiday parties. However that is where the similarities come to an end. After dinner, which by the way was excellent, the slideshow of the current seniors is shown, now of course I didn't understand most of it due to the high incidence of inside vet student humor, but most of the time, you couldn't help but laugh at some of the stories. After the slide show came the videos, now once again there were a lot of inside jokes, but some of the ideas were great. The themes were as follows 11 Steps to Anatomy(V '06), the Sound of Music vet school style(V '05), Mission Impossible: Spay lab(V '04) and Fear Factor: vet school edition(V '03). The videos ere hilarious, of course they had the feel of a college video made for a project, but of course since these are the smart kids, the ideas they had were great. My favorite was probably the Fear Factor, but the Sound of Music songs were funny, they should release a soundtrack. I could go on forever about the videos, but well I am probably beginning to bore you already, such short attention spans. Next came the music, which was a live band with two singers, a bass, a guitar, keyboards, a sax player and of course drums, the band covered a variety of songs all night and were very good, I think there name was Soho. Now I have a question for the readers, is a live cover band better than a dj? The band was great, but the argument that the DJ could provide even more variety at a lower price is also quite valid.

My final observation about the banquet came to me while I was dancing up a storm. I looked around and realized I was surrounded by a ton of girls. I just laughed because of the immense inequity in numbers between guys and girls. It was unbelievable and I almost wanted to call Oscar and tell him about my discovery. I would have to say when dancing it was like one guy with six girls. Even looking at the tables they seated probably about eight people and two or three of those seats were occupied by guys and the rest by girls. I guess I shouldn't be surprised I knew the ratio should be about 90/10, but to actually see it was just plain overwhelming. Perhaps I should start a dating service, because there are plenty of single guys in Boston. Maybe a mixer type activity halfway between Grafton and Boston, hmmmmmm.

Well that was my Saturday night, tons of fun and lots of dancing. Overall a great weekend and it was also nice to have a break from skiing. Now it is time to get to work.

I walk into this room
All eyes on me now
But I do not know the people inside

-David John Matthews
Complete lyrics to What You Are

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