Thursday, February 13, 2003

Couple A Things

Howdy y'all!! I will start with a little recap of BoCaNO, which was at The Black Rhino. It was odd because we were the only people eating upstairs and the waitress just hung around almost chaperoning for the entire evening. How strange? Oh I did a little research on the actual Black Rhino animal and it turns out they aren't pygmy sized but in fact are the third largest land animal behind the Elephant and White Rhino.

Black Rhino Information

After eating we headed across the street to The Place, the ratio of guys to girl was the opposite of the ratio at last Saturday's Vet Senior Banquet. I think there were two women before we arrived, I don't really like those odds. Service there was lacking, but while hanging out this question was presented: If you could do any job and pay didn't matter what would you do? A lot of people just blurted out answers without much thought, for instance I said I would be a computer programmer, which I honestly think is the case. So what would you be, if you could have any job?

Now onto another topic. I have had many inquiries about the mysterious LJster
none of the BoC's no who he is and were wondering "what's his deal?". I honestly don't know enough to be confident in posting a biography, but if Mr. Cube would be kind enough to post a brief biography as a comment I would be most grateful. Click here to check out his LJ.

Countin down the hits. The last topic for today, well I think, is about Marche, which is at the Prudential Center. If you don't know what it is I will try to describe it. Basically you receive your "passport" and enter the restaurant, which is set up like a Mediterranean market, well so they say. So first you find a table and then head to the different shops to pick out your dinner. The shops are set up one for different kinds of food. For example you can get pizza, pasta, fish, desserts, drinks and a ton of other things. After you order your food at a shop, they stamp your "passport" and you move on to your next shop. So it is kind of like a buffet, because you can go back as many times as you want. The catch is that each one of the stamps you get costs you more money, so it is very possible that when all is said and done and you go to pay, the bill is bound to be higher than you think it will be. It is a bit confusing at first, but overall it is a great concept. The other part that I want to point out for Britt and crew is that they are open from 7AM - 2AM seven days a week, you guys should definitely check it out.

And all the little ants are marching
Red and black antennas waving

-David John Matthews
Complete lyrics to Ants Marching

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